"6TH GEAR" - Royal Enfield Showroom at Raipur - Tatibandh.
One of the biggest showroom in central india with all new RE brand identity.

6TH GEAR is the finest example of Pure Motorcycling yet.
From the moment you set foot, you are transported to the world of machine love.
A fusion between a living room and a garage, the store stands testament to the union of man, machine and terrain.

Our store will indulge your passion for motorcycling,
Built around timelessness, craftsmanship and an unadulterated love for motorcycling,

6TH GEAR team is dedicated to make your biking experience a pleasure. We even provide value-added services, to enhance your buying experience. We pride ourselves on excellent customer service. Our team is devoted to helping and serving our customers.

The new store located at G.E Road, Tatibandh Raipur, is the first of its kind to be devoted exclusively to Royal Enfield bikeas & gears. Featuring timeless motorcycles, ridingwear and leisurewear that showcases our commitment to quality, craftsmanship and resilience,

Our concept store has all you need to be geared up, whether on a motorcycle or off one.

For Booking & Test Ride Call @ 0771 - 4070666, +91 8109502666
Help Desk - +91 8109106666
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